Getting Started With a New Invention Idea

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If you've just come up with a new invention idea, the first step is to identify the needs of people. You can do this by gauging interest in your idea. The best way to do this is to be vague about the idea. Since you're probably not going to have a patent yet, you won't want to give away too much information. A simple way to do this is to ask a person what they find most irritating about a current process. In this way, you can get relevant information about pain points.


One of the most effective ways to get started with your new invention idea is to seek InventHelp's help. This service can help you through the invention process, from prototyping to patenting. These services offer guidance and support around the clock, making the entire process more manageable.

Invent Help is a business that has been helping inventors for over 35 years. They have experienced staff members working in every part of the company. They can help you overcome obstacles and learn the industry. With their guidance, you can avoid common mistakes. And they can help you market your invention.

Edison Nation

Whether you're looking to create a new product, get patent protection, or create a marketing campaign, Edison Nation can help you get started with your new invention idea. They also work with retailers and manufacturers to make your new product a reality. In exchange for a $25 check, the organization can help you develop your idea into a marketable product.

Edison Nation is an idea-to-shelf product development company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It has brought more than 55 products to market and signed more than 40 licensing deals. The company was inspired by an Emmy Award-winning PBS series called "Everyday Edisons." The series showcased innovative products and offered a place for people to share their ideas.

Market research

Market research is an important part of developing a new invention idea. This research helps you understand the needs and wants of your target market. It helps you tailor your advertising efforts and determine which features consumers want. It involves a series of tasks, including collecting data about various market segments, analyzing the data, and interpreting the findings.

The first step in market research is to understand the size of your potential market. This can be done through surveys and questionnaires. It is important to target the right audience so that your survey results are accurate. Additionally, you should also consider the cost of manufacturing your product, which can help you determine the price range.


There are many steps you need to take to protect your invention. First, you need to determine whether your invention idea is novel or not. A novel invention is one that has never been made before or described in a patent application. It must also be non-obvious to others. For example, if two things have already been combined, there must be something new about the selection of the two things or the way they combine.

Another step to take is to write down your idea. This is an essential first step to patenting. Mailing your invention idea to yourself is a poor man's patent and does not provide reliable proof of conception.

Non-disclosure agreement

A non-disclosure agreement for a new innovation idea is a legal document that protects the intellectual property of both the inventor and the company that licenses it. It is particularly important for an inventor to protect his idea before submitting it for licensing. The protection provided by an NDA is limited, however.

The contract must clearly define what is considered confidential and what is not. Moreover, it should clearly state the obligation of both parties to keep the information secret. A Non-disclosure agreement should also state when the agreement will expire.

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